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Voted “Best Player’s Club” several years in a row, Club Serrano is Southern California’s most generous casino player’s club! Sign up for your free membership to begin earning comps and rewards for Free Play, dining, shopping and entertainment offers.

Tier Match Program

For a limited time, Yaamava’ Resort & Casino is matching casino card tiers AND slot-play offers! Bring in your other casino card and offer and we’ll match it!

Tier Match

Spin & Win Offer

New Club Serrano members can win $20, $50, $75, or $1,000 in Free Play upon initial sign-up. Guests over 21 years-old can sign up for free online or in-person at any Club Serrano booth.

Spin & Win Offer

Earn rewards while you play. It pays to be a Club Serrano member.

Promotional Information

Tier and Slot-Play Offer Match Terms and Conditions

  1. Matching of casino card tiers and slot-play offers is open to all new or inactive Club Serrano members as defined by the following:
    1. “New” members are individuals who have not previously enrolled as a member of the Club Serrano program at Yaamava’ Resort and Casino or Palms Casino Resort.
    2. “Inactive” members are individuals with no recorded gaming activity as an enrolled member of the Club Serrano program at Yaamava’ Resort and Casino or Palms Casino Resort in the twelve (12) months prior to the time/date of requested match. Any form of gaming activity with a cash value of at least $0.01 will void eligibility until the twelve (12) month requirement is met.
  2. How to Request Tier Matching
    1. To receive a card tier match, a physical, non-expired casino card in your full name as provided on your legal identification must be presented at time of seeking the tier match.
      1. Photos or screenshots of card are not accepted.
      2. Casino cards will only be evaluated for matching if they are officially issued by a competitor casino on the Eligible Players Club Membership for Tier Matching list below. This list is subject to change. See these terms to confirm any changes.  
      3. See chart below for additional information regarding equivalent card tiers or eligibility.
      4. Turquoise card level is excluded from this matching program.
  3. Terms of Tier Match
    1. Tier matches for cards will be valid through January 31 of the year following the issued match. To maintain a new card tier after a tier match expires, a pro-rated point earning criteria through January 31 of the following year will apply.  
      1. 12,500 Points to maintain Emerald | (See Emerald Benefits)
      2. 31,250 Points to maintain Amber |  (See Amber Benefits)
      3. 62,500 Points to maintain Diamond |  (See Diamond Benefits)
    2. If pro-rated point earning criteria is not met, the member will be reassigned to the “Classic” tier.
    3. Tier matched benefits will include all standard, associated benefits as defined by the “Club Serrano Tiers” guide, viewable at Some promotional offers, events, and tournaments will be offered only to certain patrons or groups of patrons based on Yaamava Resort & Casino’s discretion based on factors other than tier status, such as individual point earning levels. Tier matching does not entitle you to individual discretionary benefits for which you do not meet all qualifications.
    4. Limit one (1) match per eligible person. If you have cards from more than one eligible competing casino, only the highest-level match you request will be honored. 
  4. Slot-Play Offer Match
    1. Yaamava’ Resort and Casino also will match up to one (1) competitor slot-play offer for each person who obtains a card tier match, subject to the terms below. Physical, non-expired slot-play offer must be presented at time of seeking card tier match and must be from the same casino or rewards program as the tier match.
      1. Slot-play offers above $500 will require additional review to confirm validity. 
      2. Offers of physical gifts, table games play, sportsbook credit, cash, dining, hotel, retail, or participation in another promotion, event, or tournament are not eligible for matching. Additional exclusions may apply.
      3. If a competitor offer provides for slot-play disbursement over the course of multiple sessions, only one (1) disbursement will be matched.
      4. Limit one (1) slot-play offer match per eligible person. Only the first offer presented by an eligible person, and in accordance with these terms, can be honored. 
    2. Matched slot-play offers must be used within seven (7) days of redemption.  
  5. General Terms
    1. Management reserves the right to verify the validity of all offers and cards presented for matching. Additionally, management reserves the right to base future promotional offers on level of gaming play in accordance with the Club Serrano Rules linked below.
    2. Yaamava’ Resort & Casino also reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time or exclude a person from participating if there is reasonable belief that such person is committing fraud or engaging in abuse of the program or other inappropriate activity.
    3. All rules and conditions stated in Yaamava’ Resort & Casino at San Manuel Standard Club Serrano Rules apply, unless otherwise stated in these Terms. In the event of contradiction or inconsistency, these Terms will take precedence. 
    4. Must be at least 21 years of age, not on any exclusion lists, and otherwise eligible for Club Serrano membership to participate.

New Member Spin & Win Official Rules

  1. Membership is free
  2. Must be 21 years of age or older to participate and must be a “New” member of Club Serrano program.
  3. Patrons must participate in “New Enrollment” promotion within 30 days of signing up for a new Club Serrano card.
  4. Patrons can either win $20, $50, $75 or $1,000 in Free Play.
  5. Free Play will be uploaded on patrons account automatically and will be valid for 48 hours after participating in the “New Enrollment” promotion.
  6. Any new online enrollment must participate by swiping their Club Serrano Card within 30 days of signing up online in the “New Enrollment” promotion.
  7. Prizes are non-transferable.
  8. Falsification of any information will result in ineligibility.
  9. By participating in the promotion, each participant agrees to and acknowledges that they will abide by the official rules, regulations, and procedures of the promotion.
  10. Guest Services Management will resolve any and all disputes.
  11. Persons who have voluntarily or involuntarily been excluded from the property or who have requested self-exclusion from the property are not eligible to participate in the promotion. Employees are not eligible to enter the drawings.
  12. Management reserves the right to cancel, change or modify the promotion without notice at any time.