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Rock & Brews Concerts

Crank It Up

Get ready for electrifying live music and an unforgettable night at our Rock & Brews Concert Series. We're bringing you top-notch rock bands in our intimate venue, creating an up-close-and-personal experience you won't find anywhere else.

Headbangers, air guitarists, and all music lovers welcome!  Join us for a night of rockin' good times, delicious food, and craft brews on tap. It's the perfect place to catch your favorite bands (or discover new ones) in a setting that puts you right in the heart of the music.

Check out our upcoming lineup and grab your tickets before they're gone! You won't want to miss this.

Upcoming Lineup



If the city of Los Angeles had a soundtrack, it would be Ozomatli’s energetic music. 



Dokken exploded out of the boiling hard rock/heavy metal scene in Los Angeles in the early 1980s.

Spin Doctors

Spin Doctors

Spin Doctors are an American alternative rock band formed in New York City.

Rock & Brews Events

Pretties For You
Pretties For You

Tribute to Alice Cooper | 7pm & 9pm

MJ: The Tribute
MJ: The Tribute

Tribute to Michael Jackson | 9:30pm & 11pm

Green Today
Green Today

Tribute to Green Day | 9:30pm & 11pm

Whole Lotta Rosies
Whole Lotta Rosies

Tribute to AC/DC | 7pm & 9pm

Entertainment By Venue

Rock & Brews

Schedule subject to change 

7/24 Rage Again (Rage Against the Machine)

7/25 Pretties For You (Alice Cooper)

7/26 Opener - Michael SG / Main Act - MJ: The Tribute (Michael Jackson)

7/27 Brunch - Chris Anderson / Evening: Opener - Michael Landingham / Main Act - Green Today (Green Day)

7/28 Brunch - William Nathan & The Blues Elements Band / Evening: Main Act - Whole Lotta Rosies (AC/DC)

7/29 Rad Co. (Bad Company)

7/30 Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

7/31 L.A. Vation (U2)

8/1 These Killers (The Killers)

8/2 Mike West / DSB (Journey)

8/3 Brunch - Rick Berthoud / Evening: Opener - Pedro Cordeiro / Nirvana Mania (Nirvana)

8/4 Brunch - Tommy Drinkard & The Remedy / Evening: American Mile

8/5 Arena (Duran Duran)

8/6 The DeLoreans

8/7 The Boys of Summer (The Eagles)

8/8 Unchain the Night (Dokken)

8/9 Nico Fresard / Past Action Heroes

8/10 Brunch - Jack Sollecito / Evening: Opener - Michael Landingham / Wanted (Bon Jovi)

8/11 Brunch - Sayed Sabrina / Evening: Tony Suraci Band

8/12 Some Girls (Rolling Stones)

8/13 Faux Fighters (Foo Fighters)

8/14 Electrico (Jimi Hendrix Experience)

8/15 You're No Good (Linda Ronstadt)

8/16 Pedro Cordeiro / Bob Log III

8/17 Brunch - Bill Grisolia / Evening: Opener - Joei Fulco / Lovedrive (Scorpions)

8/18 Brunch - Chris Thayer & The TCB / Evening: Like A Material Girl (Madonna)

8/19 Herway to Hell (AC/DC)

8/20 Hip 2 Be Square (Huey Lewis & The News)

8/21 A Cheaper Trick (Cheap Trick)

8/22 Dick The Citizen

8/23 Rock and Brews Concert Series / Opener - Miss DJ Bliss / Headliner: OZOMATLI ***Ticketed Event*** 

8/24 Brunch - Brigitte Purdy / Evening: Opener - Pedro Cordeiro / Red Hot Cholo Peppers (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

8/25 Brunch - Blue Ramblers / Evening: Gypsy Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)

8/26 Perfect Strangers Rising (Deep Purple & Rainbow)

8/27 The Who Experience (The Who)

8/28 Nico Fresard Band

8/29 Ragdolls (Aerosmith)

8/30 Michael SG / The Flux Capacitors

8/31 Brunch - Chris Anderson / Evening: Opener - Nico Fresard / Devotional (Depeche Mode)

Tukut Lounge

Schedule (subject to change)
Showtimes (subject to change based on event)

Monday | 9:00pm - 11:45pm | Doors 8:00pm
Tuesday | 8:30pm - 1am | Doors 8:00pm 
Wednesday - Thursday | 9:00pm - 11:45pm | Doors 8:00pm 
Friday | 9:30pm - 2:00am | Doors 9:00pm
Saturday - Sunday | 6pm - 2am | Doors 5:00pm

7/24 Kayln and the New Frontier

7/25 Dance Dance Evolution

7/26  Melodia Versatil with DJ Qenoe

7/27 The Platinum Beat with DJ Qenoe  

7/28 Modern Highway with Mr. Preezee

7/29 The Reel Band (Live Band Karaoke)

7/30 Fabio Tirez with DJ Super Robby and Glenn Malcolm (Salsa Instructor)

7/31 Westbound 66

8/1 Tukut Comedy Series: Host Shang Forbes / Headliner: Adam Hunter

8/2 Tania y su Nueva Era with DJ Ralf V

8/3 & 8/4 BOE (Best of Everything) with DJ Connect

8/5 The Reel Band (Live Band Karaoke)

8/6 Club Mambi with DJ Super Robby and Glenn Malcolm (Salsa Instructor)

8/7 Presley Tennant

8/8 Party Sugar

8/9 Grupo Rey with DJ Uniq

8/10 9Zero with DJ J-Flex

8/11 9Zero with DJ (TBD)

8/12 The Reel Band (Live Band Karaoke)

8/13 Clave Dura with DJ Super Robby and Glenn Malcolm (Salsa Instructor)

8/14 Rebel Heart

8/15 TBD

8/16 Los Garzas with DJ Qenoe

8/17 Qenoe and Coop

8/18 Eclectik with DJ Mr Preezee

8/19 The Reel Band (Live Band Karaoke)

8/20 Fabio Tirez y Su Orquesta with DJ Super Robby and Glenn Malcolm (Salsa Instructor)

8/21 Franklin Wall

8/22 Charlies Angels

8/23 SM Familia with DJ Uniq

8/24 BOE (Best of Everything) with DJ Connect

8/25 BOE (Best of Everything) with DJ Connect

8/26 The Reel Band (Live Band Karaoke)

8/27 Clave Dura with DJ Super Robby and Glenn Malcolm (Salsa Instructor)

8/28 33 Thunder

8/29 Golden State Band

8/30 & 8/31 Full Circle with DJ Connect

Dress Code Policy

Dress Code strictly enforced Friday & Saturday nights from 9pm - 2am 
The following items are prohibited at the Tukut Lounge.  

  • Torn, Baggy and Oversized Apparel
  • Plain white t-shirts
  • Hooded sweatshirts
  • Tank tops (Female spaghetti strap-type attire permitted)
  • Casual/Leisure Shorts (Dress shorts permitted)
  • Gym-type/athletic attire of any type (sweats, break-aways, etc.)
  • Jerseys or jersey-style shirts, sports Apparel (No professional team logo)
  • Casual Headwear (Baseball Caps, Beanies, Visors)
  • Flip Flops, Strapless Flats/Sandals

**If apparel is altered after entering the venue, guests may be asked to leave without a refund.

**Subject to change upon management discretion.

VIP Booths and Bottle Service available.  For Table Reservations and Inquiries, please contact    

Chingon Kitchen

Friday – Saturday | 5pm – 1am

Schedule subject to change 

7/26 Janice & Lou with DJ Big Syphe

7/27 Quartet de la Dura with DJ Smerk

8/2 Los Chingones with DJ Smerk

8/3 El Alburr Trio with Miss DJ Bliss

8/9 Fenix with DJ Smerk

8/10 Fenix with DJ Snailz

8/16 Son Oeste with DJ Miss Bliss

8/17 Angelo Metz Triowith DJ (TBD)

8/23 The Reel Band with Snailz

8/24 Ostia with DJ Smerk

8/30 Melodia Versatil with DJ Snailz

8/31 Quartet de la Dura with Miss Dj Bliss

Aces Bar DJs

7/24 DJ Bateeza

7/25 DJ Lucky Lou

7/26 DJ Mr Preezee

7/27 DJ Mr Preezee

7/28 DJ Oz

7/29 DJ ER

7/30 DJ Jon B

7/31 DJ Bateeza

8/1 DJ KD

8/2 & 8/3 DJ Carolina Connect

8/4 DJ Oz

8/5 DJ ER

8/6 Victamone

8/7 DJ Bateeza

8/8 DJ KD

8/9 DJ J-Flex

8/10 DJ KD

8/11 DJ Oz

8/12 DJ ER

8/13 Victamone

8/14 DJ Bateeza

8/15 DJ Lucky Lou

8/16 & 8/17 DJ Poun

8/18 DJ Oz

8/19 DJ ER

8/20 Victamone

8/21 DJ Bateeza

8/22 DJ Lucky Lou

8/23 TBD

8/24 TBD

8/25 DJ Lucky Lou

8/26 DJ ER

8/27 Victamone

8/28 DJ Bateeza

8/29 DJ Lucky Lou

8/30 DJ KD

8/31 DJ J-Flex

Rock & Brews Slaughter
Rock & Brews Slaughter
Rock & Brews Slaughter
Rock & Brews POD
Rock & Brews POD
Rock & Brews POD

Past Performances

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