Tito Tickets

Ticket IN - Ticket OUT

Cash burning a hole in your pocket? Turn it into a TITO Ticket. Yaamava' Resort & Casino is proud to announce this brand-new feature, which invites guests to carry around an easy-to-use transport ticket around the casino in lieu of cash.

Guests can access their TITO Ticket benefits at slot machines throughout the casino. Here’s how they work:

- Locate a CDU Machine to load/reload your TITO Ticket
- Select the “Purchase Gaming Ticket” option
- Load up to $2,000 to your ticket using a debit card
- TITO Tickets are only compatible with slot machines inside Yaamava' Resort & Casino
- Keep your ticket for up to 30 days or cash out when you’re done playing
- ATMs only disperse $20 bills

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TITO ticket?

A TITO Ticket serves as a substitute to carrying cash around Yaamava' Resort & Casino. Guests can use their TITO Ticket at any slot machine without the hassle of inserting multiple bills into a machine during time of play.


Where can I purchase a TITO ticket?

You can purchase a TITO Ticket at any CDU machine located around the casino. Currently, there are six CDU machines in service, including two on Garage Level C. Guests can load up to $2,000 to their ticket using a debit card.


Where can I use my TITO Ticket?

TITO Tickets are only playable at any slot machine throughout Yaamava' Resort & Casino.


What if I don’t use all my money on the TITO ticket?

You can cash out your TITO Ticket by visiting any casino cage. Guests can also hold onto their card for up to 30 days.