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Self-Pay Jackpots

Program is for select, invited guests.

Must have a Club Serrano card and play in The Vault or High Limit. Guests must enroll in the Consolidated W2G Program prior to winning a taxable jackpot.

Taxable winnings can be directly downloaded to the machine’s credit meter in conjunction with a Consolidated W2G. (Receive a Consolidated W2G for total taxable winnings at the end of a gaming session.)

Spin And Win

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Key 2 Credit Patron Display. 1. Touch the Confirm button 2. Enter the PIN, then touch the green check mark button

When the jackpot is processed, a “Congratulations” message will be displayed.


  • System defaults to $9,999.99 as the max for self-pay jackpots
  • You will have only 30 seconds to confrm, otherwise a Casino attendant will assist