San Manuel Casino Update

San Manuel Casino Update

The recent surge in coronavirus cases is again forcing organizations and communities to rethink their operational plans. Thanks in large part to widespread compliance with our best-in-class health and safety protocols, and rigorous enforcement provided by our Department of Public Safety and our health screeners, we feel confident in our plan to continue operating our businesses as we have been.

From day one of the pandemic, we have made health and safety our top focus and we have persistently adhered to the most rigorous of safety standards. While regions have both relaxed and tightened these standards throughout the year as COVID-19 infection rates have ebbed and flowed, our businesses have maintained and augmented our original protocols.

Upon reopening in June, we implemented some of the most stringent and robust health and safety protocols in our industry which include:

  • Mandatory health screenings, temperature checks, required use of facial coverings, increased sanitization, significantly reduced capacity, and social distancing enforcement.
  • 300 team members designated as health screeners and guest safety concierges to monitor and enforce our safety protocols.
  • Banning all smoking indoors and limiting alcohol service to slots and table games only, in order to avoid crowds at bars.
  • Mandatory COVID-19 training for all employees before returning to work, with additional courses as new information becomes available.

The San Manuel Business Committee and executive leadership are actively monitoring the landscape and evaluating guidance from our retained medical experts and county public health officials.

We will keep you updated as we continue to navigate through the pandemic.


San Manuel Casino Management