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San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Establishes Executive Leadership Cabinet


New CEO, Loren Gill, establishes core leadership team to lead organization into the future

Highland, Calif. (September 26, 2019) – San Manuel Band of Mission Indians CEO, Loren Gill, announced today the formation of an Executive Leadership Cabinet (ELC) which will support the Tribe in its governmental and commercial endeavors.

“It is an exciting time at San Manuel,” says Loren Gill. “I am truly honored to work with so many outstanding leaders who have been critical to our success. Ensuring we have the right people in the right places is a major priority for us and this is the first step in setting a strong foundation that allows for future growth and development. I’m excited for each of them in this next step in their career as they’re all deserving of this recognition and promotion. ”

This ELC will consist of six executive positions that will report directly to the CEO.

Peter Arceo
Casino General Manager

Erin Copeland
Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Dan Little
Chief Intergovernmental & Tribal Affairs Officer

Brigitte Saria
Chief People & Infrastructure Officer

Rikki Tanenbaum
Chief Marketing Officer

Laurens Vosloo
Chief Financial Officer

Casino General Manager, Peter Arceo, will oversee all operations for San Manuel Casino, the primary economic venture of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. A casino and hospitality executive with more than 24 years of experience, Peter assumed his current role in March 2019. He first joined the management team at San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino in Highland, California, in August 2015, as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Under his leadership, San Manuel launched its player development program, established a database marketing department, and took the property’s ‘All Thrill’ campaign to the next level.

“It’s been an honor and privilege to watch Peter’s career growth over the past four years, from CMO to COO to GM. He is no doubt one of the best in the business and we couldn’t have picked a better person to lead San Manuel Casino’s ongoing expansion and future development,” said Gill.

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, Erin Copeland, will oversee Legal, Physical Safety (Public Safety and Fire), Information Security, Risk Management, Compliance, and Environmental Services. Erin is responsible for a broad array of legal services for the Tribe and its affiliates, including San Manuel Casino, in areas including judicial, legislative, administrative rule-making and political developments, formulation of governmental and business strategic planning, risk management, and evaluation of new ventures, acquisitions, and major investment proposals.

“Erin’s working relationship with San Manuel has covered nearly 30 years and her dedication to the Tribal Nation is unparalleled,” said Gill. “Her expertise, wealth of knowledge, and drive for excellence are top-notch. I’d like to recognize Erin for her continued service to San Manuel.”

Chief Intergovernmental & Tribal Affairs Officer, Dan Little, will oversee Intergovernmental Affairs, Cultural Resources Management, Tribal Family Services and will provide administrative support to the Education Department and Tribal Court. As a key policy and governmental advocacy expert, Dan serves as the primary representative of the Office of Intergovernmental Relations for the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. He is responsible for developing the overall strategy concerning policy issues that affect San Manuel, its governmental and economic development interests, and its Tribal Citizens and their families.

“In his first few months, Dan has already made a significant impact and no doubt will be a key part of our growth and development plan moving forward. We are extremely excited to have him on the team,” said Gill.

Chief People & Infrastructure Officer, Brigitte Saria, will oversee Human Resources, Information Technology, and Support Services. She is a Global Professional Human Resources (GPHR) executive with more than 25 years in private and public companies ranging from start-ups to multi-national corporations.

“Brigitte’s leadership and talent development initiatives have transformed San Manuel over the past five years and she has played a critical role in setting us up for future success. She has been a trusted partner and forward-thinking leader from day one and I look forward to continuing this journey with her,” said Gill.

Chief Marketing Officer, Rikki Tanenbaum, will oversee Marketing and the Office of Public Affairs (OPA) across the organization. For the past year, Tanenbaum has led revenue generation functions including strategic marketing, casino marketing, brand marketing and entertainment as CMO of San Manuel Casino. Prior to joining San Manuel Casino, she held leadership roles at some of the largest commercial and Tribal gaming organizations in the country.

“Rikki has made her presence felt in her first year here. She has revolutionized our marketing strategies and will be working diligently on telling the story of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. The expertise she brings is second to none and we know she’s the right person to guide us into the future,” said Gill.

Chief Financial Officer, Laurens Vosloo, will oversee Finance, Accounting, Investments, Procurement, Enterprise Program Management, and Planning, Real Estate and Development. Laurens has over a decade of casino financial experience and uses that expertise to provide financial oversight and direction for all of the Tribe’s economic endeavors. “Laurens has been my confidant and right hand for the past five years, and it’s because of his unwavering support and passion that we’ve been able to accomplish all we have. I know that with his continued leadership, the future is very bright for San Manuel,” said Gill.

About San Manuel Band of Mission Indians
The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is a federally-recognized Indian tribe located on the San Manuel Indian Reservation near Highland, California. San Manuel exercises its inherent sovereign right of self-governance and provides essential services for its citizens by building infrastructure, maintaining civil services, and promoting social, economic and cultural development. As descendants of the indigenous people of the San Bernardino highlands, passes, valleys, mountains and high deserts, the Serrano people of San Manuel have called this area home since time immemorial and are committed to remaining a productive partner in the San Bernardino region.

For More Information:
Kenneth Shoji, PR Manager - San Manuel Band of Mission Indians or 909-864-8933