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Media Coverage Policies


If you are a member of the media who has never been credentialed to a Yaamava' Resort & Casino event before, please send us the following information with your email:

- Publication
- Journalist requesting credentials
- Editor’s name and contact information.
- Circulation.
- What kind of coverage you are planning.

Please note the media policies below apply to all media attending and/or wishing to attend a Yaamava' Resort & Casino event.

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Detailed Information


Writers and photographers will be escorted to their assigned seats as noted on the corresponding ticket issued by Yaamava' Resort & Casino  public relations representatives.

Photographers will also be issued a photo credential. Photographers are to only shoot photographs during the first two songs each of act or the first 5 minutes of each comedian. No blocking of guests or seats is allowed. Photographs may only be taken from the side of the stage and in aisles. Photographs are never to be taken directly from the front rows. Flash photography is not permitted. Photo passes are in addition to a ticket, and do not allow for entry by themselves.


Credential Pick Up

To receive concert, comedy or event credentials, all media representatives must be at least 21 years of age. A Yaamava' Resort & Casino public relations representative will meet you at the predesignated time and location, depending on the event. Verification of identity and media outlet may be required upon credential pick up. Tickets will not be available after the start of the event.

For special events, site visits, tours, etc, press credential pick up will be arranged pending the nature of the event and type of credential.

Photography & Camera Policies on Casino Property:

  • Casino property includes the inside of the building, all parking lots, and exterior of the property.
  • For those attending an entertainment event, photography is limited to the entertainment venue unless previously approved by the San Manuel Public Relations department.
  • Photopasses will not be issued to those without professional photography equipment, defined as a camera with a removable lens. No cell phone, tablet, toy, instant, or point and shoot cameras will be allowed in the photography areas. 
  • ONLY pre-approved media are permitted to take photographs and/or film inside the Casino.
  • At all times press MUST wear a San Manuel Media Credential while in designated media areas.
  • NOTE: Public Safety Officers are aware of restrictions and will stop anyone they see with a camera or recording device without a San Manuel Media Credential.
  • Photography and filming is restricted to ONLY pre-approved designated areas, and prior approval is required.
  • At NO TIME are the media allowed in non-public areas, unless escorted by a Yaamava' Resort & Casino employee and proper approvals have been given.
  • NOTE: Non-conformance with San Manuel policies will result in media credential being revoked and possible confiscation of camera and equipment.