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Entertainment Schedule

Entertainment By Venue

Rock & Brews

Schedule subject to change                                    

3/31 Opener: David Gab / The M80s

4/1 Brunch - Brigitte Purdy / Opener - Michael SG / Fan Halen (Van Halen)

4/2 Brunch - Redd House Band / Nirvana Mania (Nirvana)

4/3 Heart of Blonde (Blondie)

4/4 Tommy Peacock Band

4/5 Black Daze (Soundguardian)

4/6 Odd Army

4/7 Opener - Danni Stefanetti / Pollywog Crew (Beastie Boys)

4/8 Brunch - Rick Berthoud / Opener - Drea Sheva / Past Action Heroes

4/9 Brunch - Tommy Drinkard & The Remedy / Detour Posse

4/10 Whitesnake'd (Whitesnake)

4/11 Rock Stallion

4/12 Classic Journey (Journey)

4/13 The Aviators

4/14 Opener - Nico Fresard / The Last Parade (My Chemical Romance)

4/15 Brunch - Chris Anderson / Opener - Sawyer Auger / Enuff Z'Nuff Presents The Beatles Rock Show

4/16 Brunch - Bill Magee Blues Band / Chicago Tribute Experience (Chicago)

4/17 Rad Co. (Bad Company)

4/18 Electric Sanctuary (The Cult)

4/19 Private Eyes (Hall & Oates)

4/20 The DeLoreans

4/21 Opener - Mike West / Gilby Clarke & The Keef Richards

4/22 Brunch - Bill Grisolia / Opener - Pedro Cordiero / A Perfect Tool (Tool)            

4/23 Brunch - Chris Thayer & The TCB / These Handsome Devils (The Smiths/Morrissey)

4/24 Birthday Deathbed (Stone Temple Pilots)

4/25 Major Dudes (Steely Dan)

4/26 American Mile

4/27 Los Garza's

4/28 Opener - Sawyer Auger / Metal Shop

4/29 Brunch - Chris Anderson / Opener - Joei Fulco / Maiden United (Iron Maiden)

4/30 Brunch - Sugarmill Slim / Whole Lotta Rosies (AC/DC)

Tukut Lounge

Schedule (subject to change)           

Sunday - Monday | 9:00pm - 11:45pm | Doors 8:00pm
Tuesday | 8:30pm - 1am | Doors 8:00pm
Wednesday - Thursday | 9:00pm - 11:45pm | Doors 8:00pm
Friday - Saturday | 9:30pm - 2:00am | Doors 9:00pm                                        

3/31 DJ Benny Black

4/1 Cheez Whiz Band with DJ Benny Black 

4/2 Remix


4/4 Clave Dura with DJ Super Robby and Glenn Malcom (Salsa Instructor)

4/5 The Reel Band (Live Band Kareoke)

4/6 Bad Influ3nce

4/7 Los Garzas with DJ Morales

4/8 Dance Dance Evolution with DJ Connect

4/9 Eclectik

4/10 Country Nation

4/11 Latin Sounds with DJ Super Robby and Glenn Malcom (Salsa Instructor)

4/12 The Reel Band (Live Band Kareoke)

4/13 18 Kt Blue

4/14 All the Vibes with DJ Morales

4/15 Best of Everything (BOE) with DJ Connect

4/16 Best of Everything (BOE) 

4/17 Nitro Express

4/18 Clave Dura with DJ Super Robby and Glenn Malcom (Salsa Instructor)

4/19 The Reel Band (Live Band Kareoke)

4/20 Jerri Curl

4/21 Latin Soul with DJ Morales

4/22 Pop Vision with DJ G-Squared

4/23 Modern Highway

4/24 Rebel Hearts

4/25 Son Oeste with DJ Super Robby and Glenn Malcom (Salsa Instructor)

4/26 The Reel Band (Live Band Kareoke)


4/28 Full Circle with DJ Morales

4/29 Full Circle with DJ Connect

4/30 Anthem Road

Dress Code Policy

The following items are prohibited at the Tukut Lounge, Friday's & Saturday's from 9pm - 2am 

  • Torn, Baggy and Oversized Apparel
  • Plain white t-shirts
  • Hooded sweatshirts
  • Tank tops (Female spaghetti strap-type attire permitted)
  • Casual/Leisure Shorts (Dress shorts permitted)
  • Gym-type/athletic attire of any type (sweats, break-aways, etc.)
  • Jerseys or jersey-style shirts, sports Apparel (No professional team logo)
  • Casual Headwear (Baseball Caps, Beanies, Visors)
  • Flip Flops, Strapless Flats/Sandals

**If apparel is altered after entering the venue, guests may be asked to leave without a refund.

**Subject to change upon management discretion.

VIP Booths and Bottle Service available.  For Table Reservations and Inquiries, please contact    

    Chingon Kitchen

    Sunday – Thursday | 7pm – 11pm
    Friday – Saturday | 8pm – 1am

    Schedule subject to change 

    4/1 Latin Soul with DJ Kue

    4/7 Gigi Rose with DJ Connect

    4/8 Quartet de la Dura with DJ Morales

    4/14 Ostia with DJ Kue

    4/15 Ostia with DJ - Alex Luna

    4/21 Los Ibarra with DJ - Alex Luna

    4/22 L.A. Orquesta Nueva Revolucion with DJ Connect

    4/27 DJ Morales

    4/28 Melodia Versatil with DJ -  Alex Luna 

    4/29 El Alburr with DJ Morales

    4/30 DJ Connect

    Aces Bar DJs

    Everyday at 7pm

    Schedule subject to change


    3/31 DJ J-Flex


    DJ Victamone: April 3rd & 17th
    DJ Connect: April 10th & 24th

    DJ Jon B

    DJ Baeza: Every Wednesday except April 19th
    DJ Lucky Lou: April 19th

    DJ Lucky Lou

    DJ Uniq: April 7th
    DJ Gjerrus: April 14th
    DJ J-Flex: April 21st
    DJ Poun: April 28th

    DJ J-Flex: April 1st & 22nd

    DJ Uniq: April 8th
    DJ Gjerrus: April 15th
    DJ Poun: April 29th

    DJ Oz: April 2nd & 16th
    DJ Chadd Daddy: April 9th, 23rd, & 30th


    4/8 DJ Daniel Jamez

    4/9 DJ Ka3na

    4/15 DJ Ako

    4/16 DJ Daniel Jamez

    4/22 DJ Ka3na

    4/23 DJ G-Squared

    4/29 DJ J-Tron

    4/30 DJ Ka3na