The Bespoke Rolls-Royce Ghost

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Jay Leno will elevate Monday evening’s 300th car giveaway at Overlook Bar, but what do we know about the luxurious car on display at Yaamava’ Resort & Casino? As it turns out, a whole lot. 

By Tristan Diehl

On Monday, October 2 at Overlook Bar, legendary comedian, television host, and car guru, Jay Leno, will give away a 2023 Roll-Royce Ghost to one lucky Club Serrano member. It will be Yaamava’ Resort & Casino’s 300th car giveaway since December 2016.

Club Serrano members began earning entries into the Grand Finale on Friday, September 1, with the Never Have I Ever Drawing. Other drawing qualifiers included Thursday night’s weekly drawings at Bar Bar Bar, the Top Point Earners Drawing, and the Last Chance Drawing – giving Club Serrano members up to the final hour, 8:30 p.m. on Monday, October 2, to earn entries into the Grand Finale Drawing at 10 p.m. What can the winner expect from their new ride?

Rolls-Royce has called the reimagined 2023 Ghost an “Architecture of Luxury.”

Vlad Radu of autoevolution said, “Perfection is defined by a state of completeness, flawlessness, or supreme excellence, and in the automotive industry, it is defined by one brand, Rolls-Royce.”

Here’s the rundown about the most luxurious car the No. 1 Casino Outside of Las Vegas has ever given away:

•   The Ghost has a turbocharged 6.75-litre V12 engine plus up to 592 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque. So, what does that mean for the lucky driver? Three words: smooth power delivery. The V12 has a piston firing every 60 degrees of the rotating crankshaft, making it an entirely smooth and luxurious ride. 

Rolls Royce

•   The car features an illuminated iconic Pantheon grille highlighted by a waterfall of lights.
•   The 2023 Ghost introduced an illuminated fascia which has a stage of 850 twinkling stars.
•   The Starlight Headliner returns in this year’s model with 1,340 handwoven fiber optic stars and eight shooting stars. It is Kellyn Dixon’s, Brand Manager for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Orange County, favorite feature.
•   Other highlights include heated front and rear seats with genuine leather in turchese and has a 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen with an 18-speaker sound system.
•   The head-up display and 360-degree camera will guide its driver and improves safety for both the driver and the car.
•   The adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go makes commuting in Southern California a breeze.
•   According to BBC TopGear, the Ghost is the first Rolls-Royce to adopt the Planar Suspension System, a specially tuned suspension with custom transmission tuning. This suspension system permits the car to anticipate and react to the most challenging road surfaces.
•   One of our favorite highlights is the bespoke 21-inch wheels with floating hubcaps, so the renowned Rolls-Royce logo is never anything but straight while parked or otherwise.
•   Another favorite standard feature in this Rolls-Royce model is the standard champagne cooler in the rear center console. It is most definitely a necessity for what will be a celebratory moment come Monday evening.

Rolls Royce

•   The final feature we want to share is the hidden umbrella in the back passenger door, a $700 perk included in every Rolls-Royce.

BBC TopGear INDIA MAGAZINE said, “The technical advancement in the Ghost is a case study in itself, and thus I have no hesitation in calling it the technological marvel on the road.”

Congratulations to the lucky Club Serrano member who gets to drive the technological marvel into the I.E. sunset.

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