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Just For You!

For being a valued guest, we want to offer you a free Tranquil Collection by Nizoni.
Receive a different piece of the set each week!

You can redeem anytime Monday morning at 1am through Thursday morning at 7am.

If you received your invitation in the mail or one of our reminder emails, we thank you for being a valued guest of Yaamava' Resort & Casino. If you did not, please see below FAQs for eligibility questions.

To redeem, print your voucher at any kiosk, present a valid ID and your Club Serrano card, and visit the Club Serrano booth on Level 1 next to High Limit or on Level 2 in the Rockin' Casino. Must be 21 to enter casino.

Spin And Win

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Free Gifts

Complete Set Includes:

  • LED Dome Lamp Wireless Phone Charger & Speaker
  • White Noise Sound Machine
  • USB Desktop Humidifier
  • Wireless Phone Charger Alarm Clock Radio

Promotional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to receive a gift?
All eligible guests will receive a postcard in the mail or an email informing them of gift qualification. If you did not receive notification in either, you are not eligible for this month's gift. Make sure you use your Club Serrano card while playing to qualify for next month's gift as all of our rewards are based on play.

Can I pick up my gift all at once?
Due to the quantity of the giveaways, Yaamava' can only distribute one piece per week at the schedule listed above. Guests must visit once a week during the scheduled times listed above to pick up each piece. When the month is concluded, guests will have picked up the entire set.

What should I do if I missed one of the weeks?
Due to extremely high demand, we are unable to hold gifts. Gifts can be picked up only during the schedule listed above.

Who can pick up my gift?
In order to ensure you actually receive your gift we do require you to pick them up personally. These gifts are not transferable. Each guest picking up their gift must present valid ID, and their Club Serrano card.

How do I pick up my gift?
Visit us each week, swipe your card in any kiosk, print out your redemption coupon and visit the Club Serrano booth on either floor to redeem.

If I print out my voucher and I do not pick up my gift in time that day, can I come the next day and redeem?

Yes, as long as that week’s redemption date has not expired. For example, if your redemption date is Mon - Wed, March 6 - March 8, 2023, and you printed your ticket out on Monday, March 6, but did not pick up your gift, you have until Thursday morning, March 9 at 7am to redeem.

How are lost or stolen gifts handled?
Once we present each guest with their gift, they are no longer the responsibility of Yaamava' Resort & Casino.

I am unable to wait in line for my gift. Can you make any accommodations for me?
Due to fairness to all of our guests, we cannot accommodate individual requests like this. Each guest will have to wait their turn to receive their gift. Try and come early to cut down on wait time.