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My Club Serrano

My Club Serrano is temporarily unavailable. Please check back soon!


When is the system upgrade taking place?

Tuesday, November 9th, beginning @ 2a.m.

Why is Yaamava’ doing a system upgrade?

Yaamava’ continually strives to create a best in class experience and this upgrade allows us to prepare for upcoming and exciting resort expansions.

What notable changes can I expect with the upgrade? 

No notable changes will be seen after this upgrade but trust us that it’s helping to build a framework for bigger and better things to come!

Will my current Club Serrano card continue to work on the slot machines or tables?

Yes, there are no changes to your current card.

Will the system upgrade affect my login in passwords for or Casino App?

No, your log in credentials will remain the same. You will continue to enjoy all your rewards and benefits through and Casino App rewards.

Can I use my Club Serrano account at the food outlet to pay? 

Your Club Serrano account will be temporarily unavailable during the upgrade.

Can I get my promotions? 

All offers will be temporarily unavailable until the system upgrade is complete.

Will I earn entries for the, “Million Dollar Moment” and other promotions?

Yes!  Your entries will accumulate and “catch up” once the upgrade is complete.

I’m a new member, how can I get a card? 

We will be able to create accounts as soon as the system is back up.

How long will the system be down?

The System is expected to be down for a few hours. Unfortunately it is difficult to pinpoint a specific time frame.  We appreciate your patience!

This is the only time I have, I can’t wait around for your system to come back up

Depending on the offer, most of our offers will be available once the system is back up.  If you have a concern with an offer, please contact a Guest Services Team Member and we can work with you to ensure you don’t miss out on any of our amazing offers.

Why didn’t you notify us?

The upgrade is a short period of time and is expected to have minimal impact for most of our guests.

What do I do with my Slot Ticket?

Slot tickets will need to be redeemed at the Cashier during the upgrade. After the upgrade your tickets will be able to be used as normal.

Why does my slot machine keep requiring a hand pay?

During the upgrade the machines may require a slot attendant to pay out. Please try to limit the number of times you cash out to minimize your wait time.