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Frequently asked questions

What are Tier Points? How do I earn them?

Tier Points is a value that determines your Club Serrano tier. Tier Points are earned by playing your favorite slots or table games using your Club Serrano card. Tier Points are not redeemable for comps, Free Play, or Earned Rewards.

How many Tier Points are required for each tier?

  • Classic: 0 to 49,999
  • Emerald: 50,000 to 124,999
  • Amber: 125,000 to 249,999
  • Diamond: 250,000+
  • Turquoise: Invitation Only

Do Tier Points expire or reset?

Tier Points are earned between January 1st and December 31st. On January 1st of each year, Tier Points reset to zero.

When are my Tier Points updated?

Tier Points are updated in real-time. Simply refresh your web browser for your updated points.

When are last trip tier points updated?

  • Last Trip Points will update the following day.
  • Your last trip may show 0 if you have transitioned into your new tier level on your last trip.

Why are some of my offers not shown online?

  • Most offers are shown online, but some invites and special offers may not.

What are Earned Rewards? How do I earn and redeem them?

Earned Rewards are earned by properly inserting your Club Serrano card into a slot machine or presenting your card to a table games dealer when playing table games. Earned Rewards may be redeemed at any Food and Beverage or retail outlet (excludes alcohol). Simply present your Club Serrano card to the waiter, cashier, or salesperson assisting you and let them know you would like to use Earned Rewards.

What are Slot Points? How do I earn and redeem them?

Slot Points are points earned that can be converted to Free Play, to be played on your favorite slot machines. Slot Points are earned by playing with your Club Serrano card properly inserted into a slot machine. Slot Points are redeemable at a slot machine.

Where can I view my tier benefits?

Your tier rewards are outlined here.

How do I change my account email or password?

How do I update my personal information?

We value our guest's privacy and information. As a result, we verify it is you and fulfill all profile updates in person. Please visit the Club Serrano booth to update your information.

Whom can I contact if I continue to have issues?

Please call 800.359.2464 or contact your Host.